Australia’s largest grower of premium Kensington Pride mangoes, also known as the ‘Bowen Mango’


Manbulloo has led the way in Australian mango production since its establishment in 1982 and continues to do so today.
With six family-owned mango farms across Northern Australia, Manbulloo is the largest grower of Kensington Pride
mangoes in the country.



When Manbulloo Managing Director Marie Piccone is asked why out of hundreds of varieties of mangoes available, she chooses to grow Kensington Pride, she simply answers “because they’re the best”. 

Kensington Pride is the most popular variety of mango grown in Australia. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Bowen mango’ (the region of Queensland in which the variety was popularised), the variety actually originates from India. 

Kensington Pride mangoes have a uniquely fragrant and sweet flavour with soft, fibreless flesh. They have a yellow skin, often with a pink or red ‘blush’ colour that results from sun exposure. Whilst most consumers still prefer to eat Kensington Pride mangoes freshly sliced, they also make a great addition to smoothies, desserts or even summer salads.

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About manbulloO

‘From little things, big things grow’

When Marie Piccone signed the lease on three mango farms in early 2005 she could not have anticipated the crazy journey of highs and lows, victories and losses, and above all – hard work
she was about to embark on.

Marie attributes Manbulloo’s growth and success over the past 14 years to the passion and
dedication of her team, which boasts world-class knowledge, training and experience in mango growing, harvesting, export and supply chain management…The team’s hard work and success has
been recognised with numerous accolades over the years and Marie herself was awarded the
Telstra Business Women’s Entrepreneur Award in 2015.

Manbulloo has expanded in recent years and now owns six farms spanning the Queensland and Northern Territory regions of Northern Australia. Manbulloo also exports a portion of its crop each year to numerous overseas customers through its subsidiary company, Mango Road.

As Australia’s largest growers of Australia’s favourite mango variety – Kensington Pride – Manbulloo feels a great responsibility to deliver the best tasting mangoes to consumers both in Australia and overseas each year.