As growers of premium mangoes and avocados, working in synergy with the environment is fundamental and very important to us. We love the environments we live and work in and feel a genuine responsibility to nurture and sustain our surroundings.

The Manbulloo team is constantly planning and making our short and long term decisions based on sustainability and protecting our environment.  The way we care for our trees always takes into account caring for the soil, the air, the water and the organisms and animals that are integral parts of our farms.

Current business projects include 2 large-scale solar power energy investments to increase the efficiency of irrigation. We are committed to improving management of our inputs and waste on the farms and in our supply chains. We are paying special attention to recycling, reusing and renewing strategies. This includes the type of packaging we use, and the utilisation of left over mango skin and mango seeds, so we use every last bit of our mangoes. 

Our overall goal is to reduce Manbulloo’s energy consumption by 20% per tree by 2021. To put it simply, we grow mangoes and avocados that have as little impact on the environment as possible, so we can supply our consumers with fruit that is clean, green and full of flavour.