As growers of premium mangoes, no one relies on the environment more than us. We feel a genuine responsibility to do everything we can to stay in Mother Nature’s good books.

Manbulloo’s resident Environmental Scientist, Sarah Grogan, lives with her helicopter-pilot husband, Gerald Grogan and their two adorable daughters Abigail and Philomena at Manbulloo’s largest farm in Katherine, NT.  

Every day Sarah works on sustainability and environmental management projects that she implements across all of our farms. Sarah’s current projects include a large-scale solar power initiative, increasing the efficiency of irrigation water usage, improving waste and recycle management and exploring the potential uses of other renewable energy sources.

Our overall goal is to reduce Manbulloo’s energy consumption by 20% per tree by 2019. To put it simply, we grow mangoes that have had as little impact on the environment as possible, so we can supply Australian’s with fruit we can all be proud of.