our mango varieties

Although there are over 400 known mango varieties out there, Manbulloo chooses to grow just three carefully selected
varieties – Kensington Pride, R2E2 and Keitt. These varieties thrive in the tropical heat of Far North Queensland and,
we believe, taste better than any other mangoes out there! The vast majority of the mangoes we grow are Kensington Pride
variety, which are available each year from late September until late January and have that distinctive mango flavour that
Aussie mango lovers look forward to each summer. 



Kensington Pride

Rich and juicy, sweet and tangy, the Kensington Pride mango is Australia’s most popular variety. The KP mango tree was originally discovered growing at Kensington Park; a farm near Bowen, which is why they are sometimes also referred to as Bowen Mangoes. Most people love to eat their KP mangoes as an everyday treat either fresh or chilled - but they’re also a great addition to any summer salad, smoothie or dessert.




The R2E2 variety mango is one which Aussie consumers have increasingly grown to know and love since it was first developed 25 years ago. Large and rounded in shape, this variety has firm yellow flesh with a sweet, exotic mango flavour. R2E2 mangoes are perfect to eat fresh or to feature in a summer mango salad, smoothie or dessert.




Keitt mangoes mature later in the Aussie mango season. Keitt mangoes originated in Florida, USA and were first introduced into Australia in 1979. Keitt mangoes have a darker, green-red skin colour and a firmer textured flesh than Kensington Pride mangoes. They’re perfect for eating fresh or adding to a summer salad.