The Manbulloo Story

Manbulloo Ltd was set up in 2005 with the purchase of three commercial mango farms in Katherine and Townsville.

The Katherine property known as “Manbulloo Katherine” was the original commercial mango plantation in the Northern Territory planted out in 1982. It is located 22km from Katherine and near the famous WW2 Manbulloo airstrip which is heritage listed and forms the entrance into the farm.

The farm itself is completely surrounded by the Manbulloo Cattle Station which covers some 1,000,000 hectares and was previously owned by James Packer until 2008. This isolation from other mango properties in the territory has the added advantage of reducing the pest risk, which in turn reduces the usage of pesticides and chemicals on the property. It covers 480 hectares, with mango production currently covering 365 hectares with a total of 41,000 Kensington Pride and 8,500 R2E2 mango trees.

The two farms in Townsville are located at Laudham Park and Horse Shoe Lagoon. Both of these farms were planted in the 1980’s and were also original commercial mango plantations. Both farms cover an area of 996 hectares with mango production covering 490 hectares with a total of 46,600 KP and 2,910 R2E2 mango trees.

All three farms were badly neglected and run-down when Manbulloo took ownership. Major investment and rejuvenation was undertaken in 2006 – 2007 to get the farms up to the standards required to produce export quality fruit.

Manbulloo Ltd started exporting to Europe and Asia in 2006, but had already decided that its focus would be growing the export markets for Australian Mangoes. Mango Road was set up in 2009 to facilitate the export of Manbulloo mangoes to Asia, Europe, Middle East and New Zealand, whilst assisting the DPI, AQIS and Biosecurity Australia open up other export markets such as Korea, Canada and the USA.

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