Manbulloo Katherine


Located 20 minutes west of Katherine in the NT, this plantation has a reputation for producing fruit of the highest quality. The farm in 2007 had a major new bore to a deeper aquifer put in place to supplement the existing bore water supply to a shallower acquifer. This bore has excellent quality water and has the capability of providing the farm water requirements for a long time. The plantation has considerable vacant land for additional cropping. There is a large packing shed located on the plantation which has been recently upgraded to provide low cost packing and shipping capability.

The mango property covers 680 hectares, with production currently covering 365 hectares. Production is broken up into 41,500 KP trees and 8,000 R2E2 trees.

During the harvest season, from late September, conditions are extremely tough with daily temperatures reaching 38°C+ (100°F+), not to mention encountering the local crocodile, snake and spider populations. The remote location inside the Manbulloo Cattle Station helps reduce the pest concentrations that inhabit other plantations in the territory. This means that we spray less and where spraying becomes necessary it is usually to tackle a "hot spot" within the farm.